Crispy Wasabi Pea Panko Prawns

wasabi pea furikake

Crispy Wasabi Pea Panko Prawns are a real favourite in this house. So crispy, so crunchy, and enjoyed by the whole family; these prawns are easier than you'd think to prepare!

Grab some raw, unshelled, de-veined prawns (tail on or off, doesn't matter).

Dust the prawns lightly in plain flour, then dip them in beaten egg, then press them into a mixture of panko and OMNI SALT Wasabi Pea Furikake (two tablespoons of furikake per 1/2 cup of panko).

Drop them in small batches into hot oil for no more than 60 seconds —you don't want them to overcook or they'll be chewy.

Use paper towel to to absorb any excess oil. Serve immediately with your favourite noodles. So simple, so fast, and so delicious!

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