Maple-roasted cashews with Everything Bagel Seasoning


Cashews are great. Roasted cashews are even better. Want to take them to the next-level..?

These maple-roasted cashews with our OMNI SALT All-Purpose Everything Bagel Seasoning are so good you won't be able to stop at just a handful.

Serve them with drinks at your next get-together and you'll definitely impress.

All you need to do is grab about 100g of raw cashews (whole cashews or pieces, it doesn't matter at all), toss them in a good glug of maple syrup on an oven-safe tray, along with a sprinkle of raw sugar, and enough OMNI SALT All-Purpose Everything Bagel Seasoning to coat the cashews with some crunch.

Then, let them roast away in a 200°C oven for about 15 minutes, or until they're nicely browned.

Now, the temptation to eat them while they're warm will be great — but try and resist, as these sizzling nuts will become really crispy as the sugar cools down, so walk away for another 15 minutes, then serve with your favourite drink — and don't forget to share!

Try it for yourself! Get your OMNI SALT All-Purpose Everything Bagel Seasoning here.

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